The Best 2017 Reading Lists- The Ultimate Resource

Ready for a confession?

Thought so.

I love lists of book lists.

These get me into trouble, though, because for every book list I add to my Pocket account it means my to-read pile grows exponentially.

But, it’s worth it. Why?

Because I always find a few gems tucked away in these lists. And let’s be honest, is there anything better than stumbling upon a random book and falling in love with it?

Didn’t think so.

In this post, I’m throwing open my electronic file dump and exposing all. My epic list of book lists that I’ve collected so far this year.

If you read any one of these, you’ll have enough to keep you going for years.

So come sit by me, grab a coffee, tea, glass of wine, or root beer, and start adding dozens of books to your wish lists.

Let’s go.

2017 Reading Lists


Image for The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries |

The world’s required reading list: The Books That Students Read in 28 Countries

I’ve long thought that school reading lists demonstrate what a country holds important so being able to see the reads of others around the world was pretty fascinating.


The Best Books: The Top 100 Novels of All Time

I love to see what are considered classics. I’ve always wondered if classics are classic because they’ve been around forever and deemed important by previous generations or because they truly deserve it.


The Ultimate Summer 2017 Reading List

Whenever Summer comes around the reading list list’s begin popping up. I like being counter cultural which is why I make my list of lists once the Summer is over.

Image for 101 books to dive into this summer: a massive reading list

101 Books to Dive into This Summer: A Massive Reading List

I always like seeing the books recommended by people I admire. Thankfully, there are a lot of people to admire in this list that covers a huge diversity of topics and authors.


These Are The 100 Best Books Ever, According To Goodreads

You bet your bottom dollar I always check Goodreads ratings before I dive into a book. They rarely ever let me down, so it’s interesting to see what books my fellow readers love.


22 Mindblowing Books For Anyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With True Crime

Anyone who knows me would tell you that ‘slightly obsessed with true crime’ is sort of the understatement of the century when it comes to my interests. This list was right up my alley.

Image for The 100 Best Science Books of All Time -

The 100 Best Science Books of All Time

I loved finding a list that was heavy on the science books. I think they are criminally underrepresented in these sorts of lists but I find so many of them fascinating.


30 Books You Should Read in 2017

Sometimes a list of books doesn’t need to have a reason or a theme it’s just a list of cool books the author loved. More often than not I find something good hidden in lists like these.


10 Life-Changing Books that Will Stay With You Forever

There are some books that you read and they make a massive impact on your life. They are so rare but when you come upon them it’s pretty magical.

Image for Have You Read These 17 Books Becoming Movies in 2017?

Have You Read These 17 Books Becoming Movies in 2017?

A debate almost as old as the chicken and the egg, what’s better the book or the movie? Feels like 2017 was a year where tons of books hit the big screen so you can be the judge.


16 Books to Read If You Love ‘A Man Called Ove’

When I finish a book I love one of the first things I do is try to either find more from the same author. When that doesn’t work, lists like these are a lifesaver.


10 Books That Inspired the World’s Top Start-Up Investors

When I’m not reading, my real life job is running my own content marketing business (psst, I’m available for hire) so seeing what books have inspired big name entrepreneurs is interesting to me.

35 Books That Will Change How You See The World

I really liked this list. It had a really great variety of both types of books as well as authors which you usually don’t see in some of these lists. It’s a great place to start.


The 100 Books Everyone’s Reading

When I lived in New York City I could tell at a glance what books were hot. You’d see everyone reading the same book from the gym to standing in line at Starbucks to the subway. This list makes it a bit easier.


30+ YA Fantasy Books That Absolutely Need to Be on Your 2017 Reading List

Before you see “YA” and think this isn’t for me, hold your horses. YA books are great and they aren’t just for kids. If you want to dig into some engaging fantasy reads that you can tackle in a weekend, these are great.

21 Motivational Books that Will Change Your Mind About Life, Money, and Yourself

I love a good self help book. Sure they can be cliched, but more often than not, I can pick up at least one really good insight that will stay with me.


Emma Watson Releases Every Book Her Feminist Book Club Read

When famous people unabashedly promote reading my heart grows three sizes. So Emma Watson’s book club is something I am here for.


15 Classic Books That Were Banned for the Most Ridiculous Reasons

Ironically, every time a book is banned it makes the book more popular and widely read. And it’s a good thing because these books should never be hidden from the public again.

The Ultimate 50 States Reading List

Can’t hop in a car and drive cross country this year? Well, this might be the second best thing. This list features the most iconic book set in every state in the country.


Amazon Says These Are the 100 Books Everyone Should Read

I’m always interested in these lists. What happens when you read all these books? Are you suddenly well-read? They usually feature a bunch of the same books, so that’s a good place to start.


28 Romance Books You Need To Read

I am a true romantic at heart despite my crusty sarcastic outer exterior. So I love a love story and will gobble them up when a great one crosses my path and cry into my whisky.


Love this big list of 2017 reading lists? Awesome!

I’m going to keep updating it as we approach the end of the year. So be sure to come back and visit to get more reads.