Summer Reading List Round Up: What's Hot in 2017

It’s around this time of year when the ‘what to read this summer’ posts star popping up on news and entertainment sites. While I’m always here for a list of books, I find it amazing that we’re conditioned to think that summer is the only time when people actually read.

I suppose that’s an entirely different discussion (and a different post). So, today, I’m selling out and jumping into the fray just like everyone else.

Since I spend most of my time online, I’ve got endless summer reading posts piling up in my Pocket account. While I was brainstorming some ideas for a post this week, I figured it might be easy to share all the posts I’ve come across in one easy roundup post.

So, keep reading to get ‘the’ definitive round-up of the most popular summer reading lists out there.

17 Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Summer – Modern Mrs. Darcy

I am a big fan of the podcast “What Should I Read Next” which is hosted by Anne who also runs this site. She always has an interesting selection of books that cover a lot of topics, so I’ve got my eye on a few already. I have no doubt some of these will soon be featured more in depth on the podcast too.


The 24 Best New Summer Books to Read in 2017 – Elle

Elle’s list has a decidedly female friendly trend, which I’m fine with. I’m always looking for more female authors and authors of color that I don’t normally see on other lists. While I don’t specifically search out particular authors, I do think it’s very important to expand my reading selections.


5 Powerful Summer Reading Books to Make You Happier – Hello Peaceful Mind

I don’t know about you, but this year has felt like a massive whirlwind thus far. This is especially true when it comes to the constant barrage of information in the news. Sometimes you need to read to escape, and this list is a great place to start.


5 Good Summer Reads – Bill Gates

Bill Gates is well known for being a big reader. So, I’m always interested in the types of books he suggests since they often tend to be off the beaten path. This year, it’s no exception. While I’ve heard of a few (and have two currently on my Kindle), I noted a few more for later reading.


30 of This Summer’s Hottest Beach Reads – BookBub

In my former life when I was a true book snob I would pooh-pooh lists that covered these sorts of beach read books. Now, I understand not only the importance of adding ‘beach reads’ to my list I also have found lots of little gems along the way. Plus sometimes something light and fluffy is just plain fun.


Books to Breeze Through This Summer – New York Times

The New York Times is another place where I tend to look for quality book recommendations. This list gives 16 books to add to your summer reading. They vary from the light and fun to more serious and include plenty of fast-paced non-fiction books lots of people will be talking about.


10 Mysteries to Keep You on Your Toes Through Summer – Traveling With T

I love reading a good mystery novel, so I was happy to come across this list of books. Every book on this list has recently come out or is scheduled to drop this summer. So if you know you’ve got some time in a few months, you can schedule a few ‘must read’ mysteries in for your down time.


17 Books That Local Experts Say You Should Read This Summer – Boston Globe

I’m a New Englander born and raised so I have spent many a summer on the beaches of Maine and Rhode Island reading. So this list gives a bit of nostalgia. Plus as the better kicker, the expert book pickers are all people involved with local libraries and bookstores, which is a great touch.

These are the most popular summer reading lists I’ve seen over the last few weeks. So, hopefully you should find a bunch of new books to add to your summer reading list.