My 5 Favorite Sites for Book Recommendations

I collect book recommendations like that Doomsday Vault in Norway collects seeds. Though, at this rate, we’ll need those seeds before I get through my book lists.

seed vault book recommendations
The seed vault, or where I store my unread books?

Where was I?

Oh right, book recommendations.

If you’re like me, you’ve got lots of books always flying around in your head.

“Oh, I should read that one next.”

“Oh, I’m gonna add this one to my list.”

Some books move to the top of the list. While others sit gathering cyber dust for ages.

I don’t care, though, because I live by the concept of tsundoku.I’ll keep collecting my recommendations, which will turn into stockpiles of books.

If literary FOMO is a thing, then I’ve got it.

Some I’ll read, some will get added to my anti-library. One thing that never changes: I keep looking for the next hit.

So in this post, I want to share some of my favorite reliable sources for book recommendations. If you’re into books, a few of these you’ll know. But, hopefully, you’ll find a few new sources for your next book fix too.

Away we go.



The Read Harder Challenge is what got me into Book Riot. They’ve got books to read I never even thought about. Plus I love going on the Read Harder Goodreads thread to get lots of ideas.

Book Riot is also great for lists. Want a book from an underrepresented country, try this list. How about a book by a female science fiction author, this list is for you.

The Millions


I first found The Millions through an unlikely source: James Stavridis. Former Admiral, now professor, he was also vetted to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

It goes to show how in depth you can get with some of the interviews on The Millions. I picked up about 5 books (beyond those I’d already read) from this one post.

Well Read Black Girl


Last year, I looked at my Goodreads challenge and thought, damn I have little to no diversity on this list. Nothing against white dudes, but I want to read stories and experiences from other people too.

Enter Glory Edim’s Well Read Black Girl. I’ve been able to get recommendations from some fabulous authors and will continue to expand my reading.┬áBe sure to check out her Instagram account too.

What Should I Read Next?


I listen to a lot of podcasts, so when I found one that was all about books, I got hooked. I love Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next? It’s a clever take on a normal book discussion but with a twist.

The concept is simple. Guests come on and give Anne a list of their favorite books. During the pod they discuss the books and authors. Then, at the end of the pod, Anne recommends three books, called literary matchmaking.

The Ezra Klein Show


Here’s another podcast I enjoy. The Ezra Klein Show isn’t about books particularly, though he has interviewed quite a few authors along the way.

Where the books come in is at the end of each episode. Ezra always asks guests to name three books that they love, been inspired by, or recommended to others. You can find a (not recently updated – come on, Ezra!) list of the books mentioned here.

Your List?


Ok, you had to know I was going to ask you where you get your book recommendations from, right? Let me know new sites, social media accounts, podcasts, anything.