Can Quora Make You a Better Reader-

I love collecting lists of books. Beyond reading books, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I hit up all the usual sites: blogs, podcasts, even Reddit’s reading forum.

It wasn’t until I turned to Quora that I discovered it’s a hidden gem for book lovers. I won’t lie and say I figured this out on my own. In fact, I only got into Quora more recently for an entirely different project.

What the Heck is Quora?


Ok first, you might not even know what Quora is. Here’s a quick overview.

It’s basically a big question and answer site. Back in the early days of the internet, you might remember Yahoo Answers. It’s where you’d go to figure out what that strange rash might be before you scared yourself shitless on WebMD.

Quora is sort of like that, but far more useful (in my opinion.). This is because you can get incredible answers to questions that are super in depth. Also, lots of famous people jump on there frequently and answer questions as well.

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Why I Love Quora for Book Info


So what does this have to do with reading?

Ok, I’m getting there.

When I go into Quora to answer my daily questions, there are always quite a few about books and reading. The first question I came across was this one:

quora books

This question has over 100 answers. It ranges from people like me to Justin Trudeau the PM of Canada, behavioral scientists, avid readers and PhD’s. People from all over the world have answered this question and shared their favorite books.

I saw books I never even knew existed. And for a lover of lists of books, this was the jackpot.

So I dug deeper. I added books and reading to my questions lists and feed. That way I can both answer questions about books and see what questions pop up.

The number one question I’ve answered is basically along the lines of “I hate reading how I start reading anyway?”

quora book answer

The good news is these people aren’t saying they hate reading and moving on. They know it’s important.

My answer has generally been the same: read anything.

Even though I am a reforming book snob in my own life. There is one thing I never judge other people on and that’s the books they read. For me, it’s all about reading.

And that’s what I tell people in my answers. I don’t care if you read comic books or celebrity tell-alls or romance novels or Greek philosophers.

Just read, baby!

So for me, Quora has been a two-part benefit.

First, I’ve been able to encourage people to read more. I really hope they follow up and pick up something that interests them. And I hope from there, it sparks a future lifelong love of reading.

Second, the answers to questions on books are an amazing resource. I love the lists of books, which I’ve been frantically adding to my pocket account. And I also love the book discussions going on in there.

People are going deep, and you can see some fascinating discussions.

Here are a few:

Those are some examples. But, you get the point. Before the last few weeks, I never would have headed to Quora to get great book chatter.

Now, I’m in there every day reading threads. I probably answer more about books than marketing, whoops.

If you haven’t heard of Quora, I suggest checking it out. It could be your next best resource for finding your next read. If you are on the site, let me know and I’ll follow you.

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