This admission might activate my nerd level to new heights but here goes…I love finding fellow readers online.

With the news that over a quarter of Americans haven’t read a book in the last year, I worry that this list is going to get smaller and smaller.

Thankfully, an unlikely source has come to the rescue: social media.

I’ve been on Twitter for quite a long time at this point, and find tons of other readers on there all the time. In fact, within my Tweetdeck dashboard, one of the lists I always have on display is my “Fellow Book Nerds” feed.

But, my new hot spot for finding other readers Instagram.

And one of my favorite activities is finding famous book lovers. Yup, it might come as a shock, but there are celebrities out there who love to read. Not only is it cool to see what they are reading but I also love the fact they’re promoting books to their fans.

It’s a win-win.

So, for a fun post this week, I thought I’d share my favorite Instagram celebs who love books just as much as I do.

Let’s take a look.



I mean really, did you think I’d leave out Oprah? She’s single-handedly responsible for millions of new book club readers and massive spikes in the sales of dozens of books. Of course, if you want to see her recommendations, the Oprah Book Club is still going strong.

Emma Watson


As someone who came of age along with Harry Potter and worked at Brown University when she studied there (!) I always was a fan. But, when I learned how passionate she was about books, I was super impressed. You can check out her monthly book club on Goodreads.

Reese Witherspoon


It was only recently that I discovered Reese Witherspoon is a massive book nerd. In fact, with her production company, she almost always works with or options films based on books, which is pretty cool. Reese also has her own book club that you can follow along with on Instagram.

Matt McGorry


“Bad Feminist” by @roxanegay74 “We live in a culture that is overly permissive where rape is concerned. While there are certainly many people who understand rape and the damage of rape, we also live in a time that necessitates the phrase ‘rape culture.’ This phrase denotes a culture where we are inundated, in different ways, by the idea that male aggression and violence towards women is acceptable and often inevitable. As Lynn Higgins and Brenda Silver ask in their book ‘Rape and Representation,’ ‘How is it that in spite (or perhaps because) of their erasure, rape and sexual violence have been so ingrained and so rationalized through their representations as to appear ‘natural’ and inevitable, to women as to men?’ This is an important question, trying to understand how we have come to this. We have also, perhaps, become immune to the horror of rape because we see it so often and discuss it so often, many times without acknowledging or considering the gravity of rape and its effects. We jokingly say things like ‘I just took a rape shower’ or ‘My boss totally just raped me over my request for a raise.’ We have appropriated the language of rape for all manner of violations, great and small…. Perhaps we expect gay public figures and other prominent queer people to come out, to stand and be counted, so they can do the work we’re unwilling to do to change the world, to carry the burdens we are unwilling to shoulder, to take the stands we are unwilling to make. As individuals, we may not be able to do much, but when we’re silent when someone uses the word ‘gay’ as an insult, we are falling short…There are injustices great and small, and even if we can only fight the small ones, at least we are fighting. Too often, we fail to ask ourselves what sacrifices we will make for the greater good. What stands will we take? We expect *role models* to model the behaviors we are perfectly capable of modeling ourselves…We are willing- even anxious- to see prominent figures in a state of helplessness as they sacrifice their privacy for the greater good. How helpless are *we* willing to be for the greater good? That question interests me most.” #McGReads

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If you’ve watched two of the most popular shows out there, How to Get Away With Murder or Orange is the New Black, then chances are you’re already a Matt McGorry fan. He uses his Instagram account to have surprisingly in-depth discussions about the books he reads.

Andrew Luck


Andrew Luck is a lot of things, star NFL Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Standford grad, and a huge reader. There have been a number of articles out there calling him the “Librarian of the NFL” so he decided to put that to use and get more people reading with his own book club.

Martellus Bennett


Mr. Lemoncello is back at it again with the very first library Olympics. That’s why it totally belongs in “Uncle Smarty’s Awesome Book Club!” (#MartysABC ) (You should probably read Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library first. It’s the first book in this series and its absolutely fantastic!) Mr. Lemoncello has invited boys and girls from all around America to compete in the very first library Olympics. This book is super fun its packed with puzzles, twists and turns, clues and tons of surprises that the kids have to figure out to win the Library Olympics. But there’s also another mystery that needs to be solved as the kids compete, books are missing from Mr. Lemoncello’s library. Who took them? Can you solve the puzzles win the Library Olympics and figure out the mystery of the missing books?. Are you up for the challenge? If so, let the games begin! If you’re a lover of books then this series is one that you will love. I mean what book lover wouldn’t want to compete in the action packed Library Olympics. Good luck in the competition may the best readers win! Written by Chris Grabenstein, published by @Randomhouse. #TheImaginationAgency #UncleSmarty #CreatedbyMarty

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You have to know Andrew isn’t the only reader in the NFL, right? Martellus Bennett of the New England Patriots (yes, I’m a homer here) is also a man of many talents. He runs his own agency that produces children’s books, so of course, he runs a kid-friendly book club.

Alright, there’s no doubt I’ve missed a few famous book lovers so be sure to let me know who you’re following. I’ll happily add to my list!