library of the month

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a post that is all about a cool library or a celebrity library I break my finger clicking as fast as humanly possible.

One of my aspirational dreams in life is to have an epic library. Even if I can only afford a tiny house where I end up sleeping on piles of books…but that’s a story for another time.

Since I love libraries, I guess you probably do too. So, I want to create a new monthly post here: the library of the month.

I’m going to feature at least one but likely a few (library of the month sounds better than libraries of the month) options, maybe they’ll be on a theme, maybe not.

Library of the Month: Karl Lagerfeld


This month’s library comes from an unlikely source: Karl Lagerfeld.

If you know anything about the world of high fashion you know the name. I know nothing about fashion and still knew that Karl Lagerfeld was the designer behind Channel and Fendi without needing to go to Wikipedia first.

What I didn’t know about this German-born designer was he is a massive book collector. His Parisian home has over 300,000 books.

Get your mind wrapped around that, right?

Paris, luxury flat, 300,000 books? That’s basically all I need to survive as long as someone shoves some brie and baguettes through the mail slot every other day.

But let’s get to the juice, the pictures, after all, that’s what you want to see.



library of the month karl_lagerfeld


karl-lagerfeld-library of the month


I’m pretty sure if this were my library I’d have all my photo shoots there too. But, you know that’s just me.

Check even more images of the Lagerfeld library here.

If you have a suggestion or recommendation for an upcoming Library of the Month, leave me a comment.