3 Movies Based On Books Coming to Your Screen in 2017

“The book was better.”

That’s often the refrain from people who go to movies based on books. I typically tend to agree. After all, it can be really hard to capture everything you get from a book, the nuances, the conversations, into a movie.

I tend to read books before I see a movie. Mostly because I’m just a reader. There are a couple of books I finish and desperately hope will become a movie (looking at you, A Gentleman in Moscow). Then there are others I’m pleasantly surprised to find will become a movie soon (Red Sparrow is one).

But, I also have this weird thing where I purposely don’t read popular books when they come out. Instead, I wait. Sometimes

Instead, I wait. Sometimes for the movie. Sometimes till the buzz dies down.

In most cases, I’m happy with my decision. I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter series until I saw the movies. So, yeah, the plot was kinda ‘spoiled’ but, on the other hand, I was able to envision the people and places in the books as they were in the movies.

This year, there seems to be a motherload of movies based on books hitting the big screens. I’ve seen almost two dozen different mentions. I’m not sure if that means books are hotter this year than in past years. But, I’m kinda here for it.

Since we’re rapidly approaching the middle of 2017 (holy shit!), I want to cover a few movies I’m looking forward to towards the end of the year.

But, in case you were wondering, here are a few movies that have already been in out this year:

In this post, I want to cover a few of the movies based on books that I’m most interested in for the remainder of the year. With a few of these, I have read the book. With others, it looks like I have a decision to make!

Let’s take a look.

Murder on the Orient Express

I’ve been getting more and more into Agatha Christie of late. I plowed through And Then There Were None (I’d recommend the BBC mini-series version too). And now I have a few more sitting in my Kindle, including Murder on the Orient Express, which I plan to read this month

The book tells the tale of a murder on this famed train. I’m looking forward to it not just because of the cast, with the ‘star’ detective Hercule Poirot, being played by Kenneth Branagh but also due to the setting. I’ve always been a fan of train travel, and it seems like the perfect setting for a period piece thriller! 

The movie version comes out in November of 2017.

The Glass Castle

If there is one book I see pop up again and again in lists of biographies that people love, it’s this book by Jeannette Walls. In fact, I was reminded of this once again, when I saw this book listed as the response by tons of people to a question by author VE Schwab of favorite memoirs. So, now it’s for sure on my list.

The book is the story of Jeannette Walls. She grew up in a truly dysfunctional home, with two parents who were let’s just say, nomadic. She never had much in the way of stability from her parents and learned to raise herself. But where you’d think the family would be broken, it’s actually more of a story of loyalty and love.

The movie version is scheduled to come out in August 2017.

The Mountain Between Us

I’ll be honest, I never heard of this book. And, being even more honest, it’s probably not something that would have jumped out at me from the shelves. But, and that’s a big but, the movie stars both Kate Winslet and Idris Elba who are two of my favorite actors.

The book, by Charles Martin, features the story of two people who survive a plane crash. Their small plane goes down in the wilderness of the Utah mountains. Both are injured, and having just met each other hours before, must now rely on each other for weeks in order to survive and find eventual rescue.

The movie version is scheduled to come out in October 2017.